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What Makes Us Jump

Who doesn't like to have a great time?  We are a local family that rented waterslides, bounce houses, and tents for kids birthdays.  Brian, Nikki, and our boys Hunter and Bryson have always loved the thrills of sliding down a drenching slide in the Florida heat.

Disappointed in the service, cleanliness, and overall condition of our rentals (but still realizing our kids had the greatest time ever), we decided to make a change in the industry.  When we booked and paid for a 20' slide that was only 18' delivered, without the velcro slide liner attached, we absolutely KNEW we could provide the BEST in the area.

We have turned our vision into Suncoast Event Rentals, and our reviews have truly spoken for themselves.  Our customers are the best, and expect the best. 
We are always out and about in the community, with both of our boys playing little league baseball. Brian is often with our crew delivering events, commercial fishing for crabs, or coaching baseball while Nikki handles most of the planning and provides the best and most honest guidance for our customers.  

As a family business, we expect to give what we had always hoped to receive.  From understanding the stress a parent goes through the morning of a birthday party, to realizing a last minute change may happen to a huge event, we get it!

Our goal is to remove one aspect of stress and provide an experience that you, like our family, will remember forever.  We will communicate, we will be on time, and we will go the extra mile to ensure our job is done correctly.  You just need to direct us in set up locations and HAVE FUN!